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    Instructions for this course

    • The Social Scoop Summit

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    Welcome to The Social Scoop Summit!

    • Welcome to the Social Scoop Summit from Host Christine St. Vil of Purpose Driven Media

    • About our Expert Interviews

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    The Social Scoop Summit Expert Interviews

    • The 4 C's of Storytelling w/ Kim Coles

    • Protecting your brand, content and ideas on social media w/ Andrea Hence Evans, Esq.

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: What EVERY Business Owner Needs to Know and a Special Invitation w/ Andrea Evans, Esq.

    • Creating a business around what you love to do w/ Jermaine Griggs

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Monetize your expertise plus a FREE COURSE w/ Jermaine Griggs

    • Turning your customers into brand ambassadors using the power of community w/ Nicole Brown

    • Bringing your customers along for the journey w/ Tiffini Gatlin

    • The importance of sticking to your core message w/ Freddie Taylor

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Get your FREE GIFT w/ Freddie Taylor

    • Creating a personal connection with your customers w/ Tara Darnley

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Picking the brain of an expert plus EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT w/ Tara Darnley

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Picking the brain of an expert plus EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT w/ Tara Darnley

    • Converting your customers using clear and consistent communication w/ Chris Davis

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Engaging your audience from capture to close plus FREE COURSE w/ Chris Davis

    • Breaking the "analysis paralysis" cycle to build a successful business w/ Dino & Heather Cummings

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Making money while you sleep with a subscription-based business plus FREE GUIDE w/ Dino & Heather Cummings

    • Supporting your kidpreneur in building a thriving online business w/ Tamara Zantell

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Becoming an authority in your niche plus FREE DOWNLOAD w/ Tamara Zantell

    • Increasing your "know-like-trust" factor with unforgettable customer experiences w/ Charis Jones

    • Leveraging the power of media to build brand awareness and monetize your platform w/ Nikki Woods

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: How and when to use press releases plus FREE GUIDE w/ Nikki Woods

    • Building social proof for your business by working with influencers w/ Ari Adams

    • Cultivating a culture with your brand content and messaging on social media w/ Lamar Tyler

    • Using data to help you better understand your customers w/ Ramunda Lark Young

    • How authors can escape the sales hustle by publishing to a hungry audience w/ Crystal Swain-Bates

    • Set your brand apart by infusing authenticity and vulnerability with personal stories w/ Charreah Jackson

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Be strategic in getting your message out plus FREE MASTERCLASS w/ Charreah Jackson

    • Making an impact and a lasting impression on social media w/ Tammira Lucas

    • Beating the Instagram algorithm with consistency and customer engagement w/ Stephanie Williams

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Tools for scheduling out your social media plus FREE CHECKLIST w/ Stephanie Williams

    • Building brand awareness using both grassroots and emerging marketing tactics w/ Dr. Gina Paige

    • Understanding the true value of your products and services w/ AnnMarie John

    • Allowing your intent to drive your business strategy w/ Mario Armstrong

    • Creating a multi-faceted brand that generates income on autopilot w/ Stacey Ferguson

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: How to cut costs and still host stellar events plus FREE GUIDE w/ Stacey Ferguson

    • Developing effective paid ad campaigns on social media w/ Terry Foster

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Scaling your business using Facebook plus FREE DOWNLOAD w/ Terry Foster

    • Taking the leap to invest in your kidpreneur w/ Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin

    • EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT: Keeping your kidpreneur motivated plus EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT w/ Gabby & Rozalynn Goodwin

    • Leveraging customer feedback to guide the strategic direction of your business w/ Kim Lewis

    • Building your online influence by repurposing and restacking content w/ Paul Brunson

    • The Social Scoop Summit Wrap-Up: Key Lessons and Takeaways w/ Christine St. Vil

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